• FX format
  • 153 AF points
  • AF
    down to
    -4 EV
  • Dedicated
  • 12 fps with
    VF image
  • 100-
    up to Hi 5
  • 20.8 mega-
  • EXPEED 5
  • 180K-pixel RGB sensor
  • 4K UHD video
  • Touch-
  • XQD x 2
    CF x 2
  • Built-in
    wired LAN
  • Radio-controlled AWL

In each millisecond, a masterpiece

Move forward. See opportunities that had previously been invisible. Capture and define them with a clarity that was previously unattainable. With the Nikon D5, you can. Designed for critical moments, the Nikon D5 features a 153-point AF system that acquires subjects rapidly and holds them tightly. Standard sensitivity range is extended to ISO 102400, while delivering stunning image quality at higher sensitivities. An incredibly stable viewfinder image permits confident tracking of moving subjects even during approx. 12-fps continuous shooting with full-time AF and AE, sustainable up to 200 frames. With the Nikon D5, endless potential waits in each millisecond. Go there, and discover your masterpiece.

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Highly refined 153-point AF system with 99 cross sensors, providing wider, denser coverage.

Continuous shooting at approx. 12 fps with full-time AF/AE, up to 200 frames even in 14-bit lossless compressed RAW*1.

*1 When using a Lexar Professional 2933x XQD 2.0 memory card.

Unprecedented stability and visibility in viewfinder image, allowing confident tracking of moving subjects during high-speed continuous shooting, thanks to new mirror driving mechanism.

Standard sensitivity up to ISO 102400 — the highest in Nikon’s history — expandable up to Hi 5 (ISO 3280000 equivalent), providing further enhanced image quality throughout the standard sensitivity range, including the frequently used higher ISOs.

Nikon's new, in-house developed FX-format CMOS sensor featuring 20.8 effective megapixels, that acquires image data with ultimate total balance of high resolution, rich tonal gradation, and refined signal-to-noise ratio — key for enhanced image quality at high sensitivities.

New EXPEED 5 image-processing engine, capable of handling vast data from increased pixel-count image sensor and high-speed continuous shooting, while contributing to various aspects of image quality including clear images with less noise at high sensitivities thanks to a new noise reduction function.

Supports 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) video recording, vital to filmmakers.

Touch-responsive, 8-cm/3.2-in., 2359k-dot (XGA), high-resolution monitor.

Selectable between XQD x 2 or CF x 2 — Double card slots for the same media.

Up to approx. 3780 shots per charge*2 — Super-extended battery life achieved by the exceptionally energy-efficient design, engineered after rigorous reassessment.

*2 Based on CIPA Standards.

Supports radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting, that widely expands flash-photography possibilities.

Significantly increased speed of wired/wireless LAN communication and compatibility with new WT-6/A/B/C Wireless Transmitter (optional).

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